Nemzetközi képzési felhívás: Lerning from the past

Sharing Learning from the Past

Training course including elements of study visit and partnership-building activities for youth workers on cultural heritage projects
Kraków, Poland
6 – 12 November 2022

Stowarzyszenie Rozwoju i Integracji Młodzieży STRIM and Global Link would like to invite you to take a part in a project devoted to heritage learning in youth work.
Sharing Learning from the Past is a combination of a seminar, training course, study visit and partnership-building activity. It will gather 30 youth workers, educators, heritage workers and youth leaders from six countries to discuss the importance and ways of implementing international cultural heritage projects.

If you wish to participate in the training course, please fill in the application form no later than
26 September 2022.

In case of questions please contact us at

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